Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

throne of glass


Throne of Glass is the first instalment of a Young Adult trilogy about eighteen-year-old Celaena, the most notorious assassin of the Kingdom of Adarlan. Here she is pulled out of the mines where she has spent a year in slavery to compete for the title of King’s Champion. As she takes part in a series of tests she becomes aware of something sinister in the castle.

Celaena is a likeable protagonist, who comes across as typically teenaged while still fitting into the fairy tale world she lives in, and it’s easy to imagine teenaged girls identifying with her and putting themselves in her place. She is not quite believable as an assassin, however, lacking an edge that would make her different to other girls her age. Other characters don’t really come alive, seeming to exist purely for the sake of a love triangle or to complicate the plot.

Celaena lives in an intriguing world, torn apart by war, but with hints of magic. There is not much opportunity to explore it in this novel, mostly set in the confines of the castle, but it would be interesting to see if it is developed in the next two books.

The writing style is not especially polished, and I was fed up of the word “obsidian” by the end of the book, but it keeps the story moving along steadily.

While Throne of Glass doesn’t quite live up to its fascinating premise, it is still a fun, easy read for people looking for escapism and wish-fulfilment.


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