Review: Among Others by Jo Walton


In 1979 fifteen-year-old Mor is exiled from the Welsh Valleys where she speaks to fairies to an English boarding school where magic seems out of reach. The book is made up of Mor’s diary entries, in which she writes about her difficulties in living at the school, her unusual and dysfunctional family, and her love of science fiction and the books she reads.

Among Others is a very quiet book; Mor spends most of her time reading and the magic in the book, while complex and well-defined, is often barely there- which makes it seem only more plausible. It is clear that something traumatic has happened in Mor’s recent past and she is now living with the consequences, but this isn’t the sort of book that keeps you hooked because you have to know what happens, but because you love the character and want to spend time with her and see the world through her eyes.

Some people may be put off by the numerous references to books, especially of the science fiction genre, and the ending seems abrupt, the climax building suddenly and Mor’s story not quite seeming complete, yet the writing, both beautiful and believably teenaged, carries you through.

This is a book for booklovers, showing how books make you who you are and become part of your life.


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  1. Melinda
    Apr 14, 2014 @ 10:22:31

    It’s quite a pretty book cover!


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